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Local Attorney Donates Bullet Proof Vests to Deputies


Deputies with their new
bullet proof vests

Deputies shaking hands
with Attorney Rick Spencer

Rick Spencer presents
check to President TC Carter

      As the result of a generous donation from Mountain Home Attorney Frederick S. “Rick” Spencer, five Baxter County Sheriff’s Deputies today are wearing new protective body armor vests. Mr. Spencer contacted Sheriff Montgomery a few weeks ago on Facebook offering to supply funding to purchase some new bullet proof vests for deputies in need. Mr. Spencer, being a former deputy sheriff himself, understands the vital importance of good, effective body armor for law enforcement officers working in the field and knows that it saves lives.

     Arrangements were eventually made for Mr. Spencer to make a contribution of nearly $2,300 to the Baxter County Sheriff’s Foundation, Inc. (,which in turn would order and purchase body armor for five deputies who were wearing old body armor vests that were far past their expiration date.

     New body armor vests were purchased for Sheriff’s Sergeant Kevin Boucher and for Deputies Kristofer Savino, William Altazan, Brian Davis, and Scott Thrasher. Today, these vests were distributed to those deputies in the presence of Mr. Rick Spencer, Mr. T. C. Carter, who is President of the Baxter County Sheriff’s Foundation, Inc., Sheriff Montgomery, and members of the press.

     The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office wishes to express its thank and grateful appreciation to Mr. Rick Spencer for his generous contribution providing for the safety of our deputies and to the Baxter County Sheriff’s Foundation for accepting the donation and arranging for the purchase of these bullet proof vests. His donation will help assure that these deputies will return safe to their spouses and families at the end of their shifts.

     As always, the Sheriff’s Office wishes to extend its appreciation to the entire community for the continuing support, encouragement, and partnership we receive in the performance of our duties and mission.

Captain Jeff Lewis

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