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Our Early Years 2009 to 2014 Foundation Review


We created a foundation so that our many supporters could make tax-deductible gifts for projects outside the normal Sheriff's Office operating budget.  We knew there were citizens who wanted to help but little did we know how generous they would be.

A Supporter who felt the Sheriff's Office gave service beyond the call of duty

  • Bob Griffith never forgot the service of the Baxter County Sheriff's Office.  Deputies and Sheriff Montgomery took him to his dialysis appointments when the weather was bad. He felt a strong connection with those men and women and wanted to give a lasting gift to the Office.
  • The Griffith Family Trust contributed $35,000 which provided the seed money to establish our Foundation (2009).

A Supporter who witnessed the courage of a lone deputy

  • Linda Kuhuke awoke one night to a fight in her front yard.  Two unknown men had stumbled into her yard and were fist fighting.  Mrs. Kuhuke called the Sheriff's Office.  A lone deputy arrived on the scene and managed to subdue and arrest the offenders.  Mrs. Kuhuke witnessed first-hand the safety risks that deputies face every day.  She was amazed by the deputy's courage and service to her.
  • Mrs. Kuhuke made a $10,000 donation to be used for tasers. (2010).

Supporters who wished to honor Sheriff Montgomery's father

  • Gifts to honor the memory of a loved one are often requested in lieu of flowers.
  • Many supporters chose our Foundation as a way to make a lasting tribute to Sheriff Montgomery's father (2011).

Supporters who value deputy safety and crime-fighting tools

  • Bulletproof vests are expensive and need to be replaced after 5 years.
  • Attorney Rick Spencer, Mary James, Jane Charvat, Linda Singleton, Kimberly Hathoot, and Maryann Remington donated funds to purchase replacement vests (2012, 2015).
  • Porter's Pawn & Bargain Center donated funds for the Leads Online software.  This critical tool allows deputies to upload reported stolen property into the database.  Pawnshops are required to check the system before accepting any item to be pawned  (2013).
  • The Citizens Fighting Crime organization donated funds toward the purchase of a Crime Scene van (2013).

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