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The Middle Years 2015 to 2019 Foundation Review


As we became more established, the Foundation expanded its use of donations.  Scholarships for employees, game-changing software, and advertising moved us forward in meeting our mission to "innovatively expand and enhance services."

College Scholarships for Employees and Family

  • Deputies are required to take College English coursework for promotions.  One deputy kept putting the coursework off, claiming he "wasn't interested."  
  • Once the scholarships were available, he was one of the first ones to apply.  As it turns out, he did not have the money to pay for the college classes.  Once he completed the coursework, he applied for and received a promotion.

From High Stacks of Ledgers to Lightning Fast Software

  • When a fine is paid to the Sheriff's Office, the recordkeeping required is not for the timid.  A simple $100 payment often took what felt like an hour (it has to be allocated across multiple categories following complex formulas that would make a nuclear scientist cry).  At the end of the month, all admin hands were on deck to try to make the collections and the manual ledgers balance.  The Sheriff has pizza delivery on speed dial because the team would routinely work into the night.
  • After finding a promising software solution, the Foundation provided the funds to purchase and customize it for Baxter County.  The software has transformed into a game-changing tool that freed up hundreds of hours for more productive work.
  • The admin team doesn't even miss the pizza.

Getting the Word Out

  • Early in the Foundation's history, word-of-mouth was the main form of advertising.  We knew it was important to acquaint potential donors with ways to leave a legacy of public safety.
  • Brooks Jeffrey Marketing generously developed and donated our website in 2010 to establish our web presence.  They also provided their expertise in developing and printing an informative booklet sharing ways to contribute and highlighting success stories.
  • In 2016, Barabara Wright made a $10,000 donation to continue the marketing of the Foundation.  With her background in the corporate world, she knew the power of getting the word out.
  • The Foundation used a portion of the funds on billboards.  The increased awareness resulted in more donations.

Leave A Legacy of Public Safety