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Where We Are Today 2020 to 2021 Foundation Review


Our donors' generosity was undeterred by the pandemic.  Donors gave the gift of exercise, children's outreach, officer safety, and the magical properties of "sonic" ice.

Exercise Equipment in the Privacy of BCSO

  • Law enforcement personnel often stay away from public exercise facilities to avoid awkward situations with people they may have arrested in the past.
  • A group of health-minded women came together and purchased professional exercise equipment to outfit two exercise rooms at the Sheriff's Office.
  • Josee Schliemann donated $7,080, Becky Baker donated $4,250, Jeannie Alley donated $1,500, and Pam Fairlamb donated $1,500.
  • Their generosity has created an environment of health and privacy for the deputies and staff.
  • Now we need to get Sheriff Montgomery into those rooms.

PC Car to Help Children Understand Law Enforcement

  • The PC Car is a motorized small "toy" car that deputies take to schools and other gatherings. The deputy is able to hear and speak through the car remotely.  It is the perfect way to approach little ones who might otherwise be afraid to talk to the actual deputy.  The PC Car tells the kiddos about the dangers of drugs, how to show respect, and other important lessons in the law enforcement arena.
  • The Barabara Wright Trust generously donated $11,000 for its purchase.

Bulletproof Vests and Weapons

  • Our donors always rise to the challenge when the BCSO is in need of replacement bulletproof vests and weapons.
  • Mary James and Rick & Pam Spencer both gave $3,000 each and Quorum Court member Tink Albright donated $2,000.

Office Improvements to Make Life a Little Easier

  • Imagine the deputy who has just finished a long, hot patrol shift or an admin who is working late to finish a report.
  • Sometimes a simple cup of ice is the very thing they need.  Within the BCSO, there is something magical about "sonic" ice.  It has restorative properties for not only thirst but for attitudes, as well.
  • In the past, staff would make a daily run to buy ice.  In its quest to make life a little easier for BCSO employees, the Foundation authorized the purchase of two "sonic" ice machines.  Smiles abound.
  • BCSO staff oftentimes don't have time to go out for lunch or dinner.  The Foundation also authorized the purchase of kitchen equipment to upgrade the break rooms.
  • There are many donors who give gifts to be used for the improvement of daily/nightly office life.  The above examples take a little more stress off of stress-filled jobs.

Leave A Legacy of Public Safety